Weibang have manufactured high quality, commercial grade garden machinery for over 20 years, now sold worldwide. We constantly improve our designs and manufacturing processes to keep up with innovations and continue to offer well built, affordable machinery. At Weibang Australia, we are proud to offer some amazing landscaping tools suitable for home use or small businesses.


The WBTR126H is a robust, heavy duty walk behind trencher. Powerful yet compact and easy to manoeuvre, this Honda powered trencher will dig into soil easily and is suitable for homeowners and small businesses.

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Lawn Dethatcher

The WB486CRH is a robust 48cm Lawn Scarifier/Dethatcher featuring 28 double tipped carbon steel blades and a fully adjustable raking depth to remove thatch and aerate roots gently but effectively.

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Lawn Aerator

The WB456AH is a durable 45cm professional Lawn Aerator that will help maintain your lawn’s health by improving drainage, relieving soil compaction and breaking up old grassroots, allowing water, nutrients and sunlight to penetrate the ground.

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Leaf & Litter Vacuum

The WBLV506HV Leaf Vacuum quickly and efficiently clears leaves and litter. Easy to manoeuvre with a three-speed self propelled drive system.

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Truck Loader

The WBLV50K - Truck Loader is suitable for leaf, litter, and debris removal and is specially designed for such use on on hard surfaces. Powered by a Kawasaki FJ180 engine, this truck loader drives a powerful suction turbine.

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